5 Years Apart Release

[wr_vc_lists text_color=”text-color-4″ font_style=”xsmall-title-oswald” top_padding=”top-padding-0″][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Distributed by Gravitas Ventures[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list]Represented by Archstone Entertainment[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Directed by Joe Menconi[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list]Written by Joe Menconi and Zac Krause[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Starring Michael Vlamis, Chloe Bennet, Ally Maki and Scott Michael Foster[/wr_vc_list][/wr_vc_lists]
Two estranged brothers born on the same day, five years apart, run into each other at their family vacation home with wildly different expectations for how their birthday weekend is going to play out.

The light-hearted romantic comedy marks the directorial debut of Joe Menconi, as well as the feature debut of Lead Actor Micheal Vlamis (best known for his series lead in CW’s Roswell, New Mexico). Vlamis stars alongside Chloe Bennet (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Ally Maki (Toy Story 4), and Scott Michael Foster (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Jasper Grey of Vendetta serves as Executive Producer.

5 Years Apart is currently available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.