The Blacklist

  • Vendetta Client: Abigail Briley Bean
  • Year: December 2020
  • Award: The Blacklist 2020
  • The Blacklist 2020

  • Written by Abigail Briley Bean

  • Based on Anna Nicole-Smith

  • Coveside Films attached to Produce

Vendetta client Abigail Briley Bean’s script ‘GUSHER’ recently was honored on The Blacklist 2020 – The Industry Standard for the highest quality unproduced projects in a given year.


Based on the story of Anna Nicole Smith, a shrewd young mother rises out of a small Texas town to become a famous Playboy centerfold, but when she falls in love with an eighty-nine-year-old billionaire, his son and the entire world believe she’s nothing but a gold digger.

Bobby Hoppey of Coveside Films is attached to produce.

The Black List

Since 2005, each December, the Black List releases its annual list, a survey of the most liked unproduced screenplays of that year. The annual lists are aggregated using votes from film executives working in the film industry.

The annual lists have included such Oscar winning films as JUNO, THE KING’S SPEECH and ARGO.

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