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Who We Are

Inclusion, Diversity, Empowerment, Respect and Integrity are the 5 pillars Vendetta was founded upon. Our client and partner roster has Parity in its DNA: an industry first. Touting 50/50 female and male identifiers, 50/50 diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, diverse and opposing political perspectives, gender fluid and non-binary creatives, as well as handicapped or otherwise disabled creators are who we are. Where most companies focus on ‘what’ a client is, we are dedicated to focusing on ‘who’ a client is and building their brand from there. We work with our clients as partners and focus on long term and consistent growth over short term transactional dealings.

Vendetta is a full-service management and production company in the Entertainment Industry. Our team of creatives, representatives, and business affairs executives bolsters 5 decades of industry experience at both the Studio and Independent level. We oversee award-winning clients, develop and produce ground-breaking content, and help financiers gain access to Hollywood without getting ‘Hollywood-ed’.

Above all, we’re big fans and true advocates of our clients and partners dedicated to changing the Industry for the better with every meeting and every project.

For Creators
  • Project Development

  • Career & Growth Management

  • Sales & Staffing

For Productions
  • Financing Strategy

  • Physical & Post Production

  • Sales & Distribution

For Businesses
  • Entertainment Consultancy

  • Brand Strategy & Partnerships

  • Creative Agency