Infidel Nationwide Theatrical Release

[wr_vc_lists text_color=”text-color-4″ font_style=”xsmall-title-oswald” top_padding=”top-padding-0″][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Distributed by Cloudburst Entertainment[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Written & Directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Starring Jim Caviezel, Claudia Karvan and Hal Ozsan[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list]Nationwide Theatrical Release[/wr_vc_list][/wr_vc_lists]
Jim Caviezel portrays an American kidnapped and held hostage in the Middle East in Vendetta client writer/director Cyrus Nowrasteh’s new feature film, INFIDEL. Set in Washington D.C,. Cairo, Lebanon, and Iran, ‘Infidel’ is a contemporary thriller.

Caviezel and Nowrasteh worked together on the award winning Lionsgate/Roadside release (2009), THE STONING OF SORAYA M. ‘Stoning’, despite being condemned and banned by the Iranian government was smuggled inside the country, became an underground hit, and part of a movement that forced the Islamic Republic of Iran to place a moratorium on stoning as a punishment.

Nowrasteh says this film “will reveal changes and current events happening inside Iran through the perspective of an American couple and the Iranians they befriend.” Claudia Karvan portrays Caviezel’s wife who comes to Iran to try to free her husband. Hal Oszan, Aly Qassem, Isabelle Adriani, and Stelio Savante also star. The film is produced by Darren Moorman and Ossama Bawardi, Aaron Brubaker served as Executive Producer.

INFIDEL opens September 18th, 2020 on 2,000 screens theatrically in the US.