Matthias Hoene Helms Enter the Warriors Gate

[wr_vc_lists text_color=”text-color-4″ font_style=”xsmall-title-oswald” top_padding=”top-padding-0″][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Distributed by EuropaCorp[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Available on Netflix[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Directed by Matthias Hoene[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Written by Luc Besson & Robert Mark Kamen[/wr_vc_list][wr_vc_list text_color=”text-color-4″]Starring Uriah Shelton, Dave Bautista, Mark Chao and Ni Ni[/wr_vc_list][/wr_vc_lists]
Vendetta client director Matthias Hoene helms fantasy, action-adventure film ENTER THE WARRIORS GATE written by Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen.

A mysterious chest opens a gateway through time that transports teenage gamer Jack to an ancient empire. Jack will need all of his gaming skills to battle a cruel barbarian king, protect a beautiful princess and find his way back home.

EuropaCorp produced the film in partnership with Fundamental Films. ENTER THE WARRIORS GATE stars Uriah Shelton, Dave Bautista alongside international stars Mark Chao and Ni Ni. ETWG was Matthias’ follow-up to his feature debut, the cult classic, COCKNEYS VS. ZOMBIES.

ENTER THE WARRIORS GATE enjoyed a theatrical run upon its release and is currently available on Netflix.