Salomón Simhon MalaYerba

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Vendetta Client Salomón Simhon helms the new Pantaya, Dynamo and Sony Pictures Television series ‘MalaYerba’. Production of the series recently wrapped in Latin America. Check out the Variety announcement reproduced below!

Los Angeles-based Spanish-language streamer Pantaya  has announced that its new thriller series “MalaYerba,” co-produced with Colombia’s  Dynamo  and  Sony Pictures Television  (SPT), will launch on Oct. 14 exclusively on the platform in the US and Puerto Rico . The streamer has also released a first-look teaser image for the show.

Dynamo executive producer Natalia Echeverri co-created the series with director Andrés Beltrán (“Wild District,” “Bolívar: Una Lucha Admirable”) and screenwriter Esteban Orozco. Beltrán is joined by Salomón Simhon (“Detective Marañón”) as co-director. The series is co-produced by Pantaya, Sony Pictures Television and Dynamo, with SPT handling global distribution.

In “MalaYerba,” a popular Colombian slang for marijuana, Félix, Mariana and Ignacio, three young ambitious business professionals in Colombia, are excited to get in on the ground for a potentially lucrative industry after the legalization of medical marijuana. With all the necessary resources: Mariana the land, Ignacio the connections and Félix with his own unique strand, the trio establishes their own company, KannaLab, and rise to prominence ahead of their competitors.

However, not all the details of the company’s meteoric rise to success are so cut and dry and Lola, a journalist whose own ambition rivals that of the three entrepreneurs, is set on unearthing the truth behind the upstart startup.

“MalaYerba” boasts and impressive ensemble cast of veteran TV talent including María Elisa Camargo (“Tarde Lo Conocí,” “El Barón”) as Mariana, Carolina Gaitán (“Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso,” “Narcos”) as Lola, Juan Pablo Urrego (“Wild District,” “El Final del Paraíso”) as Ignacio and Sebastián Eslava (“Wild District,” “Narcos”) as Félix.