Meet the Far From the Wicked Team

It started with a Vendetta.

Jasper Grey got to Hollywood the old fashioned way – he was born there. His parents had done it the harder way. They’d spent their lives crawling up the ranks before landing their dream jobs at a flourishing production company. They’d finally made it, and even better, they got to work together.

Then the CEO drove the company into the ground, effectively killing everything they’d spent their lives building.

Jasper, by then an independent literary manager and producer himself, watched as his parents’ careers went up in smoke. This wasn’t a new story. It wasn’t original. It’s the way Hollywood hierarchies work. But why? Why continue to sink money into the myth of the lone creative visionary when collaborative teams produce more consistent successes with greater longevity? Why all the obfuscation? Why not more transparency?

And thus, THE VENDETTA GROUP was born.

By 2019, Jasper had amassed a respectable client roster, negotiating deals for industry veterans and hot new talent alike. As a producer, he had set up a number of film projects with everyone from independent production companies to Sony Pictures. And while putting films together and getting them financed was something Jasper had grown very comfortable with doing, actually turning them into a finished project was still new territory.

Enter Jesse Wheeler. Jesse had spent more than a decade and a half working as a writer, editor, producer, and director. Usually, when you see someone doing all those jobs, it’s because they’re making wedding videos or TikToks, but Jesse was doing it for giant media corporations, movie studios, and TV networks. Millions of people watched his work every week. The only problem? He was making commercials. Sure, it’s a great job that many would kill for, but he was bored out of his head.

Jesse’s mind stayed on a few specific career highlights – the two movies he produced alongside Bill Fay (whose credits include INDEPENDENCE DAY, 300, THE HANGOVER, and many more) as well as the viral short film starring Nathan Fillion (THE ROOKIE, CASTLE, FIREFLY) and Stephen Lang (AVATAR, DON’T BREATHE) that racked up more than 11 million views. Making movies was where Jesse’s passion lied. It’s why he put himself through USC film school’s MFA program.

So Jasper made Jesse an offer he couldn’t refuse – lead creative on VENDETTA’s new advertising agency AND its growing slate of feature film projects.

Since then, the two have worked together like chocolate and peanut butter, building out a collaborative support team, developing exciting new projects, expanding their relationships across the entertainment industry, and spreading Vendetta’s work into Central and South America.

THE VENDETTA GROUP has staked everything on FAR FROM THE WICKED, the first feature film under the company’s banner and the culmination of three years of work on the part of the filmmakers. While not the only project Vendetta has in development, the company chose to lead with FAR FROM THE WICKED because of its potential upside and ROI. As a dark genre film, it stands a greater chance of being a breakout success and establishing the company’s name.

The final piece of this puzzle is you. Without investment partners like you, independent films don’t get made. So if you’re ready to help create – to literally bring a piece of art into the world that won’t exist otherwise – then welcome to the team. We’re glad to have you.